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Meet M.J. Fahy!

M.J. Fahy writes children’s books of the wonderfully charming variety, the kind that don’t come in swinging the moral hammer and try to sermonize the hell out of the poor kids, but instead are simply being written with the intention … Continue reading

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PublicTransport PoeTry – #15

***** The Last Boat Home, or, Panic on Rannoch Moor (Yvonne Marjot) (to be sung, ballad style, to a lilting Scottish tune) Heading uphill to Rannoch Moor, the petrol light came on. There was petrol not too far away: behind … Continue reading

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Meet Ryan Gladney!

Yes, let’s. Now, why Ryan Gladney? I found him this week in an author group on Goodreads, where we occasionally promote each others’ stuff. I don’t usually play. As you know, I have this tendency to only promote authors whose … Continue reading

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Music & Writing

It’s a fact that writers hardly talk about writing. I mean yes, sure, we sometimes discuss stuff like those famous rules one apparently needs to adhere to if one wants to become a famous, best-selling author, you know, those rumors … Continue reading

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Meet Faye Kename!

This brilliantly quirky young author has recently published a book titled ‘A Life in the Day of Utter Nonsense’. A must-read. It has a were chicken dinner. Need I say more? Probably not. So here’s what the author has to … Continue reading

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