Meet Karen Eisenbrey!

I first met Karen Eisenbrey when she won one of my books in a draw on the Pankhearst site. I’d completely forgotten about that particular giveaway when she suddenly posted a review and bought the sequel. Oh, did she make me happy that day 🙂

Then I noticed that she was a writer herself, as she had a book up on authonomy. I went and read it. And so she moved in my field of vision from being Karen, the reader, to being Karen, the writer. Because I liked the book. I never told her that I finished reading it very quickly, and I never left a review for her either, because I’ve shut down my authonomy account for good, but let me assure you, if you’re looking for stories that don’t rely on clichés, but evolve naturally around the characters’ actions, Karen is the woman for you.

Besides, she’s a punk. A real one.

Copyright Joe Mabel

Copyright Joe Mabel

When I was a teenager, the punks were the tattered guys with the million piercings and the rats on their shoulders, the ones trying too hard to look like they don’t belong, and who looked down on anyone else. It took me a while to understand that you completely fail to be a punk unless you’re a punk at heart, and no amount of spiky hair will change that. Karen is a punk at heart, and I appreciate that. Oh, and I want her hat.

I went on to read the Pankhearst anthology ‘Heathers’, in which Karen has a short story. Again, I liked it. Lots. So much that when I read the blurb of St Rage, the latest Pankhearst release, I instantly recognized the character and put it high on my to-buy-the-instant-it-get’s-released list. Karen sorta spoiled that plan, because she sent me a free review copy before I could purchase it. If she hadn’t, I’d have bought it, and my review would have been just as glowing.

Here’s what it says on the jacket:

All Barbara wants is a cooler name, more than three friends, and a bass player for her garage band. She never asked for superpowers. Sometimes you get what you need.St Rage

And here’s what I have to say about St Rage:

I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a book where it was easier to relate to the main protagonist. Karen Eisenbrey really has a knack for writing characters that come across as completely real, completely natural. This book, for me, was like a Billy Joel song. Very smooth, very professional, not a single false note, easy and comfortable, while at the same time too strong to just be played as a background noise. Needless to say I read it in one go.

You’ll want to read it too, so here is the Amazon link.

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