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Let’s talk about love, #3

Originally posted on Cake & Quill:
Today, let’s hear Angelika Rust talking about the need to define the one you love, and the need to find someone who loves you for who you are, not for their definition of who…

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New Release: Hearts & Other Dead Things

Originally posted on Cake & Quill:
It’s here, it’s new, it’s beautiful, and we’re very, very proud of it: our new anthology, Hearts & Other Dead Things. What is waiting for you on those pages? Here’s the blurb: Jeremy wants…

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Germany’s refugees

(My apologies in advance. This is probably my longest post ever.) Ever since I started this whole being-an-author thing, I’m getting increasingly involved with people from different countries all over the world. The one thing I keep learning, is, that … Continue reading

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Meet Mike Maguire!

Mike Maguire is one of my relics from those long nights I spent on authonomy letting other people rip up my first horrible attempts at writing, while doing the same unto them. I don’t remember who started it, all I know is, … Continue reading

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Resolutions and other more or less useful stuff

In terms of New Year’s resolutions, I only had two. One, be more active on my website, two, learn to say no. Well… a quick look on the number of posts I’ve already written this year (zero), and beta reads and other … Continue reading

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