A Tree’s Heart

The rebellion is not over
until its purpose is fulfilled.

At the age of six, Ash becomes a Tree – one of the Joined Realm’s elite soldiers. Robbed of his name, his family, and any memories of the time before he took his oath, his loyalty belongs solely to the Realm and its citizens.

At eighteen, he’s forced to fight in a civil war, against the very people he has sworn to protect, without ever knowing why. The rebels retreat, but they don’t surrender. Their purpose remains a mystery.

At twenty-two, Ash is chosen to serve as the Prince’s Man, guard and guardian of the King’s firstborn son and heir.

The rebels return the next day, and Ash faces a host of challenges – protect his Prince or die trying, uncover the truth, and keep or lose his heart.

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“Ash’s unwavering loyalty and desire to believe there was good on all sides made me fall in love with him.”

“Such a cool novel full of magical brainwashing and social justice; I was hooked on this novel from the very beginning.”