Cake & Quill

Yes. We are aware of the situation.

We’ve spent a good 48 hours arguing, discussing, and quite simply grieving. We’re still in a state of shock and confusion, and have decided, for the time being, to unpublish our collective work.

Cake & Quill CnQ Logo round smallare an international collective of writers I’m part of. Starting October 2015, we’re planning to occasionally release anthologies centered around a main theme, which each author, whether they write non-fiction or fiction, fantasy, thriller or whatever else, approaches from their individual perspective. This makes for very diverse collections, which are certain to contain a few pieces for everyone.

The best about Cake & Quill is, we’re too lazy to divide the profits, so now I just gather what little royalties roll in and share them out among the homeless and buskers in my city. Means even if you don’t like the books, you don’t have to feel like you wasted the money.

By the way, Tabatha Stirling did all those beautiful covers.


Gifts from the Dark – A Miscellany of Dread

A stalker, leaving a trail of paper roses. A recurring nightmare, suddenly real. A young mother, fleeing those who want to take her child. An old lady, left alone in a strange land. A man, driving to see his girlfriend, on a road where a serial killer roams. A woman, striking a deal with the king of hell to save her soul.

hearts and other dead things final

Hearts & Other Dead Things

Jeremy wants Maggie back. Rosa hates Simon. Adam can’t get laid. Graham hates cats. Maisie brings her new boyfriend home to meet Mom and Dad. Yuki wants revenge. Jake really should get over his dead girlfriend. Bradley gets offered a donkey. Doris should know better. And Peter calls a number, hoping for a good time.

Paws and Claws

The fluffy, furry, and the winged, the slimy and the scaled of skin, the nice, the nasty and downright weird, are gathered here to entertain, to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you think, and wonder – why?
Join our Carnival of Animals, and learn things you may never have wanted to know about cattle farming, the truth about Adolf and Binky, and meet the good, bad, and ugly in feline form. There is something here for everyone. So let loose your inner Beast amongst our Beastly Tails.