Adam Oster

I’ll come right out and say it, AdamDSC_0004 (3) is probably one of my most favorite writers ever. For one thing, he’s an incredibly versatile guy. I don’t think there’s a genre or age group he couldn’t cater to. I’ve seen him do everything from exaggeratedly intellectual to chapter book, and it always turned out perfectly right. Two, he writes books on unlikely premises, like, what if humankind got fed up with superheros because they always destroy half the town in their attempt to bring the supervillain down? And finally, three, he gives you earworms. You’ll hear music when you read his books, and that’s an awesome talent. If you don’t believe me, read The Agora Files and see for yourself.

He’s also a nerd, a dreamer who’ll hopefully never stop imagining a world where people actually care about one another, and something of a soulmate.

One day, Adam. You and I. Disneyland.

Check out his ramblings, his Peter Pan advice and, most of all, his books, over on his website.




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