Catherine Lockwood

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*Contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature*
Disturbed teenage lovers reunite in middle-age. One has turned their life around and the other is a murdering psychopath, who can mimic charm and sanity with ease. This psychological story of intense love and severe mental illness will play on your mind. It is a thriller that is thought provoking and often left open to interpretation.

What I have to say about Eloise – Loving a Sociopath

I had a hard time getting into this one, as the beginning seems kind of stiff and oddly detached for such an emotionally intense topic. Nevertheless, I ended up reading it in almost one go.
The story consists of the diaries of a woman in the claws of a sociopath. Torn between her love for him, her own depressions and low self-esteem, caused by long years of being trapped in an abusive marriage, Eloise experiences everything from perfect happiness to physical and verbal abuse. In all innocence, she slides deeper and deeper, believing she can help Jude become a stable person. Introduction, ending and occasional comments in between are written by her best friend (which explains the feeling of detachedness in the beginning), who took her diaries after her death.
It is not an easy read. Partly, I wanted to yell at her for being so blind, so delusional, for letting herself become a victim, on the other hand the author does such a good job of painting the road Eloise travels that all her hopes, all her motivations, become perfectly understandable. As we all, she craves love and refuses to see that where she goes, there’s no love to be had, only mind-games and pain.

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