Chris Bostic

Author PhotoThey call him Mr. Boom-Bostic, very fantastic…honestly. Our Mr. Bostic is a great guy, just don’t tell him I said that. I met him on one of those websites for writers, where you get to crit each other’s stuff. We’ve been exchanging insults and praise ever since. He’s the person who can yell at me how much I messed a draft up, make me drown in depression and sulk for two days, then grumpily admit to myself that he has a point and subsequently get me to polish and scrub until whatever I’ve been writing meets the high expectations he has of me.

He writes for young adults. His books are the outdoorsy, adventury kind, with a good helping of boy meets girl – boy and girl save each other’s lives multiple times over – boy gets girl. If asked to recommend one of his books, I’d settle for the Northwood series (look here for part 1), which is probably best described as boy scouts meets Hunger Games. The greatest thing about Chris’ books is their down-to-earth flavor. He leaves teenage kids stranded in the middle of nowhere and forced to survive on nothing but their wits, but boy do those kids know what they’re doing. You can check out his website here.




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