Judith WilliamsonJL Fontaine, who wrote under the pen name of J.L.Fontaine, died in 2015, quite suddenly, very unexpectedly, and she’s still sorely missed. She was a wonderful, empathetic, witty, mischievous lady, and a good friend. I never had the chance to meet her in person, since she lived in the Senegal and visited Europe only on rare occasions.

She’s still alive in the words she wrote. Her book The Mark offers an intricate picture of the relationship between man and woman, man and boy, and woman and boy. It is a carefully penned tale of strength, of patience, of revenge, of endurance, and of the positive and negative impact we all have on each others’ lives. The characters are exquisitely detailed, with all the flaws and complexities of real human beings, and it is impossible not to relate to them.

Thank you, Judith, for more than I can say.











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