Jesamine James

If jesI had to describe Jes with one word, I’d utterly fail. I’d need at least two, one of which being ‘tough’, the other ‘versatile’. She’s a woman who went through hell and emerged with an almost uncanny stoicism, incredible humor, and an unyielding love for life.

In her book Scrag – Up the Hill Backwards, she lets us experience a part of her life – a life none of us would wish for, and few would have survived. Jes lived to tell the tale: gritty, gripping and brutally honest, but still filled with hope. The result is one of those rare books everyone should read at least once. Thank you, Jes, for having the guts to write it.

Other books of hers include fits of giggles and totally unpredictable plots that still make perfect, if weird, sense. She’s also gone over to writing down other people’s memories. You best check out her Amazon author page and read them all.

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