Karen Eisenbrey

Copyright Joe Mabel

Copyright Joe Mabel

Karen Eisenbrey is a writer as well as a drummer and singer in a two-piece garage band with her brother (Your Mother Should Know), and probably the best sounding board person I’ve ever had the honor to get my writing ripped apart by. Seriously, I owe her at least two books. She also has a collection of rather awesome hats, which I covet with all of my heart.

She’s sort of obsessed with band names, writes a blog about actual band names and is always on the lookout for words or phrases that would make a good band name.

She writes the kind of stories you can’t help but believe, because her characters are real – not as in the non-fiction, memoir kind of real, but the living, breathing, jumping off the page type.

Her book The Gospel According to St Rage is aimed at teenagers, and weirdos and musicians of any age. This story is about high-schoolers who are mostly not in the popular crowd, who have either found a place or found themselves so cast out that they no longer care. It’s also about a perfectly ordinary girl who discovers she has superpowers. And anger issues.







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