As it says on this girl’s website, she’s been two different people since 1467.

As her Faye Kenamefaye-kename persona, she writes nonsense and absurd, rib-crackingly funny stuff, like that book titled A Life in the Day of Utter Nonsense, which is all about aliens, giant chicken monsters, vampires and a mad scientist. She dedicated that book to me (which is just about the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me ❤ ), probably so that everyone knows who’s to blame for the fact that she actually went ahead and published it.

Faye insists she’s not a carrot, and not growing in the garden. She’s a firm believer of the Almighty Bwibble, and just a little bit addicted to cake.

As James Cassidyj-cassidy, she’s a lot more serious. Her book The Obvious deals with abuse, using sex as a shield as well as a weapon, friendship, family and other failed relationships, hopes and shattered dreams, set in a British working class environment. There’s a lot of anger between those pages, and a lot to make you think.

James pretends he (she?) used to be a tree growing in some English park, and claims he (she?) still likes to be decorated once a year.

Faye/James has/have a few short stories published under both names, and I’m convinced in the future will give us a whole lot more.

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