You Used to Hurry Home

coverFrancis has told Francesca he’d love her till the end of time. Now the end of time is what he’s praying for.

A failed writer, haunted by the most useless muse of all, Francis drives to Italy to be best man at a wedding. All he wants to do is get drunk and have some fun with Francesca, the bride’s BFF. What he doesn’t want is to get married himself.
Francesca’s family, though, has very strict ideas. And guns.
Back home, Francis soon finds he’d rather get rid of his new wife. But break his vow? Risk her brothers’ wrath?
If only he could end time…and then he gets offered the opportunity to do just that.

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Read the reviews:

‘this book is absolutely ridiculous, but ridiculous in the absolute best manner possible’

‘What starts off as a reasonable and sensible story very quickly descends into side-splitting-funny chaos’

This novella is an independently published quirky gem of a tale.

What could have been an engaging little book is instead a disappointment.

‘a smart, irreverent novella that is guaranteed to make you laugh’

A series of unexpected events will make you laugh out loud.

‘This story is not your ordinary love story.’

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