Submission Guidelines

Open for submissions!

The work submitted must be:

  • your own work (all genres accepted, published or unpublished doesn’t matter)
  • written predominantly in English
  • written aboard, or inspired by a chance encounter aboard some means of public transport (and yes, I know that there’s no way for you to prove. I’ll simply trust you to be honest with me)
  • poetry or a short story (and I mean short, 500 words or less)

Submissions can be sent to rat_tales (at) gmx (dot) net, together with a few lines about yourself, ONE image and ONE link to be added to the post.

I retain the right to refuse a submission for no particular reason other than that I didn’t think it right for this page (erotica, for example, is something I won’t accept, unless it’s really tasteful). I won’t edit your work – I may correct a really painful typo, but apart from that, you yourself are responsible for the quality of your submission.  You’ll retain the right to your work. You will receive no payment. Accepted submissions will be showcased in a front page post, and remain on this site in the PublicTransport PoeTry section until you ask me to remove them.

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