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Resident Witch III: It Never Rains

So here’s another book following Alice and the gang further down the rabbit hole. No, I’m not allowed to say that. She still doesn’t like Wonderland references, unless she drops them herself. Three months have passed in Alice’s world since the … Continue reading

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Blood on the Banana Leaf

Today I’m not trying to sell you any of my books, honestly! Quite the opposite, in fact. Well, almost the opposite. I’m still trying to sell you a book, just not one of mine. And you can’t purchase it yet either. … Continue reading

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Out now: Double Double Time & Trouble

In other words, My Name is not Alice has a sequel now. The story of my self-rescuing princess continues. What else can I say about this new book of mine? I could give you the blurb, of course. Here it … Continue reading

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My Tales of Istonnia Super Special Bargain Offer

So apparently I scheduled this thing were you offer a book up for free on Amazon, and then I thought, why not, and did a little more scheduling. The result is this:   Ratpaths – Free on 26th and 27th May … Continue reading

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Meet Mike Maguire!

Mike Maguire is one of my relics from those long nights I spent on authonomy letting other people rip up my first horrible attempts at writing, while doing the same unto them. I don’t remember who started it, all I know is, … Continue reading

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Out now: Gifts from the Dark – A Miscellany of Dread

It’s here, it’s creepy, it’s spooky, it’s wonderful and I’m so happy to be a part of this and so proud of everyone involved! Now, why should you get a copy? 1, because it’s got me in it. What do … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Shard and Lord Fish, both by Ted Cross

It’s already been a few weeks since I read these two books, so it’s high time I reviewed them. Sorry for taking so long. Let’s start with The Shard, because that was the one I read first. This book definitely … Continue reading

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