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Daughter of Magic

I know, I’ve been AWOL for a while (again), and it would have been nice to come back here saying that I seized the time to come up with another book, but alas, it is not so. Fact is, over … Continue reading

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Little Red is coming home

A while ago, when I couldn’t sleep, I asked my husband to tell me a story. He was too tired to really comply, but mumbled something about an alternative Little Red Riding Hood, who gave the cake to the wolf … Continue reading

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Half Time. Or Something.

Two days ago, it happened. I turned 40. I’m now officially old as an oak. Or maybe just old, I don’t know. I’m treating it as something like half time. 80 sounds a reasonable age. Anything beyond that is probably … Continue reading

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Summer Time…

…and I’ve just realized it’s been four months since my last confession, I mean, blog post. Um. Oops. Now how did that happen? I wish I could pretend I was busy writing, but the truth is, I haven’t written anything … Continue reading

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Meet Mandy. She’ll be homeless in a week.

Briefly before we went into full editing and publishing mode for Hearts & Other Dead Things over at Cake & Quill, we got a last minute submission. I wasn’t quite sure it actually fit the theme – the whole book … Continue reading

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My Tales of Istonnia Super Special Bargain Offer

So apparently I scheduled this thing were you offer a book up for free on Amazon, and then I thought, why not, and did a little more scheduling. The result is this:   Ratpaths – Free on 26th and 27th May … Continue reading

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‘Darkly Dreaming’, by Chloe Hammond

One of the members of our Cake & Quill group, Chloe Hammond, recently published her debut novel. I had the honor to be one of the beta readers; it’s an amazing work. This one really took me by surprise. From the … Continue reading

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