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Hubby’s Bedtime Stories

Sometimes at night, when I don’t quite manage to fall asleep, I’ll ask my husband to tell me a story. I’m not entirely sure why, probably just to hear his voice, and to have a little laugh before drifting off, … Continue reading

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Fuck Pretty

Recently, a friend of mine published a very personal essay about beauty, perception of beauty, and honesty in a relationship. She went and said out loud that she herself had never been physically attractive, yet is married to a handsome … Continue reading

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Just another poem

Mother to Son Do you remember that evening when I told you playtime was over You didn’t want to go to bed I carried you upstairs brushed your teeth tucked you in and said I love you You replied that … Continue reading

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Love, Guns And Rosemary – new novella by William Douglas Frank

I don’t know if William will approve of me saying this – chances are, he’ll send an army of flying, mutated beavers my way – but this book is much like the author himself. At first glance, it’s loud, insane … Continue reading

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