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I don’t care much for Science Fiction, but…

… I’m willing to make an exception, and to give credit where credit is due. Seriously, I’m the kind of girl who watched all the Star Wars movies for only one reason: The husband wanted to see them, and I … Continue reading

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Meet Mike Maguire!

Mike Maguire is one of my relics from those long nights I spent on authonomy letting other people rip up my first horrible attempts at writing, while doing the same unto them. I don’t remember¬†who started it,¬†all I know is, … Continue reading

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Meet Ryan Gladney!

Yes, let’s. Now, why Ryan Gladney? I found him this week in an author group on Goodreads, where we occasionally promote each others’ stuff. I don’t usually play. As you know, I have this tendency to only promote authors whose … Continue reading

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