Once A Rat


“Tell me, Miregente…what will happen if you remove the Piper? Will the rats turn in their weapons, and resume life as good, honest citizens? Or will they fight for supremacy, until one of them has proven himself the strongest and meanest?”

After three attempts on his life, the ruler of the underworld decides to die. One man steps up to fill the void Vicco Cambrosi has left behind. Some follow, others oppose. Full-scale war among the rats threatens to rage over Istonnia. And Vicco’s ghost haunts the ratpaths, taking out the traitors, one by one.

Nivvo, meanwhile, has troubles of his own. Wanted for murder, he boards a ship to the enemy city state of Baredí. Only a handful of people know he’s not really on the run. He’s on a mission, and Istonnia’s future hinges on his success.

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Angelika Rust displays one of my favorite traits in an author. She evolves and improves over time.

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