Tales of Istonnia

The Tales of Istonnia are a series of not quite stand-alone fantasy novels in a setting reminiscent of Renaissance Italy.

Now, what will you come across, when walking the streets of Istonnia?

Rats, of course. Because a rat’s a rat’s a rat’s a rat, and you would do well to remember that. The little beasts are everywhere, breeding and scurrying around like, um, rats. No walking, talking animals, mind. These rats are as human as you or me. They are the city’s scum, the flotsam and jetsam of a post-medieval society, trying in their morally questionable way to get by, bowing their heads to no ruler or regent, save one: Vicco Cambrosi.

In case you’re thinking of the mafia now, you’ve got it exactly right. I’ll have to warn you, though. This is, after all, a fantasy series. It doesn’t have to be entirely real. Hence, this version of the mafia is idealized, or maybe romanticized. What’s the saying? There’s honor among thieves. Even the bad guys can be good people, now and then.

What are you safe from on these streets?

Elves. Dragons. Vampires. Magic in general. None of the usual fantasy clichés apply here. Same goes for chosen teenage heroes, or soppy love stories.

You might meet the occasional ghost, though. And there may be love. Just not the soppy kind.

There’s a storm coming. You’d better come in. The candle’s burning in Reka’s kitchen window. It’ll be warm inside. Enter, and may the fire bless you.

You can get the books individually, or just buy the entire trilogy in one.





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